D'Aubin Family Meats Catering

Bridgetown N.S.
With the luxury of our bountiful Annapolis Valley and the opening of D’Aubin Family Meats, we are thrilled to announce the marriage of the two with DFM Catering.

Jennifer & Ralph have gathered together a team dedicated to fine local foods, superb design, and friendly service.

Taking our cue from the mandate of the meat shop, the catering team is dedicated to sourcing as much local fruits, vegetables, and meats as seasonally possible.

With a keen eye and an adventurous palette Cindy MacDonald will be at the helm in the kitchen. Her approach to food is “use fresh, use the best”.

Rachel Edwards will act as event coordinator and design advisor. With a background in restaurant management and interior design she brings an elegance and eye for detail.

As owner and director of DFM Catering, Jennifer D’Aubin will coordinate and administer all catering operations in her positive, friendly style that we’ve all come to know and love.

DFM Catering looks forward to serving you and giving you a food experience you won’t soon forget! For more information please contact us at: catering@daubinfamilymeats.com or call 902-665-2848.
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